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Teen Driving Distractions: Making Common and Fatal Mistakes ROUGH DRAFT Have you learned anything at all? In the world today there are many teens that text and drive, talk on the phone and drive, and engage in other things while behind the wheel, that can keep them from being totally focused on the road. As said in Sharon Silke Carty’s article, “Safety advocates say there’s no such thing as a safe teen driver – inexperience leads to fatal errors.” This can lead to many assumptions that teens are taking driver’s training classes and yet are still are just learning in the moment and doing whatever their peers tell them are cool to do. As said in the article society spends more time talking about drugs and violence, verses talking about what is the number one killer of teens; car accidents. This article talks about some things that parents might never think to talk about to their teens about to make their driving safer. Though certain readers may take this offensive, others may think it is a very big help. Overall, things need to be pointed out to why teens should focus on the road more; why making their driving safe is important to themselves and others. This article examines several surveys and one very personal story told by a man whose son died in a fatal car accident due to extreme speeds on a wet, slick road. What make me question why teens die so often (depending on the severity of the accident) is weren’t they wearing a seatbelt? While it states in the article that “according to NHTSA, only 76 percent of teen drivers routinely use their seatbelts” (Carty, 2011 pg. 5 pp. 10) seems like that would save more lives. However most teens thought isn’t to put that seatbelt on first, it’s to make sure their phone is all charged up, the radios loud or their friends make distractions for them. Due to this there are more teens being killed do to carelessness; which all

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