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Shaquila Burks English 21B Dixon 4/29/14 Teen Driving Teen Driving Essay Teens and driving, a mixture that can turn deadly. In the article "The Dangers of Teen Driving" by Joseph K. Vetter and Fran Lostys, they discuss the risks and dangers surrounding teen driving. They say more than 5,000 teenagers die in car accidents every year. At the beginning of the article the authors give examples of teen deaths directly caused by teen driving. Speeding, texting while driving and other distractions played a part in the deaths. The article goes on to state that because teens are immature and have inexperience there is potential for disaster. The main idea of the article focuses on different ways and steps that will prevent crashes and save lives of teenage drivers and others on the road. It's pointed out that because teens' prefrontal cortex is not fully formed, teens have a hard time not acting on impulse. Another problem they have is some don't see the risks or don't care. The authors then emphasized how limits and risk could decrease death, along with parents’ involvement. They suggest restrictions like prohibiting driving between 10 p.m and 5 a.m, limiting passengers to one and not lifting restrictions until the age of 18. They say with these laws imposed death could be decreased among teenage deaths by 38%. In fact in the state of Georgia, Vetter and Lostys say teen driving death were decreased by 37% because of their teen driving laws. They also said the laws came with penalties. Like licenses being revoked if caught speeding and other reckless driving. I believe that teen driver’s licenses should come with restrictions and limitations. One reason we should limit teen driver’s licenses is because of the cost. Getting into any car accident can be costly on the driver itself. According to a study conducted for AAA by Cambridge Systematics, an

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