Teen Drivers Analysis

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Julio Castillo Period 1st AP English Composition/ Language A. (Teen Drivers) | 1st Article | 2nd Article | 3rd Article | 4th Article | 5th Article | Title of Article | Crashes in teen drivers | Texting Political cartoons | Many teen drivers don’t think they are experienced behind the wheel. | Total violations while teens drive. | Pros and cons of teen driving. | Author | State of California department | Adam Sygls | Us News World Report | State of California Department | ModernMom.inc | SummaryOf article | States each state fatality with Texas being the leading deaths and California in second. | Brings up major issues with teens behind the wheel. Two major problems. | Many teens underestimate their driving abilities. | A graph…show more content…
Right of the bat you see a teen driving and thinking of something. He is thinking immaturity and distraction colliding. Also right behind him is a girl amused of what he is doing making his actions positive. He is also carrying a phone and several devices to emphasize the point. In general it is trying to show the interactions between life and death. * 3rd Article One factor making a difference in whether or not teens will be safe in cars is how they gauge their experience behind the wheel, Ginsburg said. "Teenagers are not recognizing themselves as inexperienced drivers. They are really viewing experience as something that is solved by getting a driver's license," he said. All of this has been gathered from the US News World Report News. Now the real problem comes with teens and not having enough time behind the wheel. All this leads to them being unsafe about themselves while driving. * 4th Article As seen in the Graph you can tell the many violations that teens are more likely to pass through their driving years. It goes from highest percentage violation to lowest. One of the most common mistakes is speeding fallowed by signals all the way to passing. * 5th

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