Technology at Its Peak

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With impressive technological progress there is a severe decline in human ability to think and act. Most of the available technology is available at ease to the people have dissolved themselves in to technology. It is quite impossible for many people without technology; they feel helpless as if are without mind, body and soul. Technological advancement has reached heights of glory in each and every aspect of life and its use is so wide spread that for even calculation of two plus two people use calculator. Such is the impact of technology that high school mathematics is has vanished through people’s mind. This show’s human’s inability to think. When it comes to communication devices; it is obvious that it has made things very easy for everyone. However, ability to do any work has just decline. Working on any of projects or just doing simple task at home; if there occurs a single minute problem people won’t meander about it rather will immediately pick up their device for assistance. Such is the inclination that people have. They don’t want to put themselves in any position to think for a single minute stuff. Thinking is just waste of time; is the present principle for most of us. Hence, ability to think and work has no place for it rather use technology and work is found to be working more. Moreover physically as well humans have become lethargic. Almost each and every work is done with device. Physically activity is declining and is taken over by technology. From early morning coffee to head massage is all done by machines. With physical fitness declining, mentally inertness is increasing as well. With marvelous technological rise in this century there is steep fall in mental alertness. People are rising to peaks with technology but too much everything always has negative effect. With devices almost for every work has made humans mentally immobile to
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