Psy 240 Week 6

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A situation in which I didn’t get enough sleep happened recently when driving from Ohio to South Carolina. It is about a 13 hour drive total and we had driven straight through. We stayed up the entire day with having a little nap after lunch before loading up the car. We left Ohio at about 9:00 P.M. and drove straight through and arrived around noon the next day. It is tough to sleep in the car so we were running on very little sleep that night and day. By the time we arrived, I was in a very grumpy mood. I had been very moody and getting irritated very easy. The slightest thing would make me snap. When we got there we spent time with family and I was irritable almost the entire day, luckily everyone understood that I had no sleep and didn’t take it personally. I was not able to pull myself to do any school work that day. I had it pulled up on my computer, but I could not focus enough to do it. Normally I have energy during the day and am motivated to clean and do other things. The day we arrived I had no motivation to do anything. I didn’t unload the car or clean up after myself because I had been tired, grumpy, and unmotivated. I am usually a very outgoing person, especially when I am around family and friends, but since I didn’t sleep enough I was very quiet the rest of that day until I was able to get some sleep. After this long period of not sleeping, my motor skills were not as good as they normally are. I had trouble walking straight, was not functional enough to operate a motor vehicle safely, and I was shaky. For example, when holding and using my phone, I would have spasms every once in a while and drop it on the floor. I also noticed that I had slower reactions to things such as dropping things, I would be too slow to catch them like I usually could. My experiences from this do and don’t go along with what the text says. My mood and behavior seem
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