What Are Hum/111 Problems And Issues

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Problems and Issues E Rivera HUM/111 April 7, 2013 Problems and Issues I am currently facing both a problem and an issue. They are related to each other and can be easily identified. A problem that personally affects my life is the actions of my children. They have not been active in helping with the household chores. Even when asked to participate they either complain for extended periods of time or find themselves busy with other projects. They are expert procrastinators and have no interest in contributing to the duty of housekeeping. The issue that I am facing is that my husband is home with the children when they get home from school and he does not reinforce the chore problem. We are both very busy and many times it is easier to let the kids go to a friend’s…show more content…
When clearly stated, my problem is, how do I get my children to do their chores? My issue is, should my husband be responsible for reinforcing the fact that chores need to be done or should it be me? Figuring out which was the problem and which was the issue was simple. My children not contributing towards their share of the household chores is unacceptable and action need to be taken to make a change. There would be no divide when discussed this matter with intelligent informed people. The issue is deciding which parent should reinforce the rules, mom or dad. This issue may cause a divide between intelligent and informed people and no action needs to be taken, just a decision about which would be more appropriate. Expressing Problems and Issues There is a difference between the way you express a problem and the way you express an issue. When expressing the problem I would consider various questions that would provoke action to be taken. * How do I get my children interested in helping out? * How do I make them do their chores before they do any recreational activity? * How do I get my children to willingly
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