Technologies Makes People Jobless Essay

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Technology makes people jobless. Technology is one of the key participants that have always contributed to the progress of the world. The advancement of the world has only been made possible by the advancement in technology. Technology doesn’t make people jobless because the development of different technologies is labor intensive; requires a vast group of workers, researchers and those who bring these to production too. Irrespective of the type of technology (micro or macro) every production is in fact a source of new jobs because not every man can do every job. The world is dependent vastly upon new technologies that are brought in the light. The purpose of introduction of the instruments in the form of technology is to make our work better and easier, but it in no way restricts us from having jobs. For instance, India, a few months back launched its first space shuttle to mars. Now for that, they must have been preparing for years. They prepared a shuttle for the transition into the outer space which is a tough job requiring thousands of engineers and workers. They must’ve done deluge of researches before initiating their program and then when it is done, there must be a team sitting down the station monitoring the progress of their program. Now, in every process involved, they had to set a team of certain specialists. It is not always possible to let the same team work on different projects; therefore, every new project leads to the opportunity for new jobs that rules out the thought of being jobless due to technology. Wherever we look we find technology, but behind the tiniest of techno gadgets, there must be thousands of person working on it. Claiming to be jobless due to technology would be unfair; however, every different kind of technology requires a certain significant amount of knowledge. This world would not stop progressing due to introduction

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