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I thought it was interesting to see Work on a timeline. The article showed work since the Roman era to work in America today. Work takes labor either physically or mentally. It was interesting to see the statistics of America compared to Japan and Germany. It shows that some countries may have high work efficiency or better ways of working. However, one statement that caught my attention was “And anyone who has been unemployed knows the only thing worse than working is not working at all.” This is not true for all Americans. A lot of Americans are living off of welfare and I feel that it is not helping them for their future or hours. Many have become used to getting checks through the mail to live off of and they don’t want to try getting a…show more content…
If unemployed want extra money, they get a side job in addition to receiving welfare. Although there are people who desperately want a job, many others are fine living the way they are. This will become the life style and status quo for a lot unemployed people. But I do agree that we don’t just compete against the people around us for a job. Now, because of the development and advancement in technology, people from other countries apply for jobs in America. Many factories and companies look for the cheapest and fastest labor. This results in manufacturing factories in other countries with non-Americans working and getting pay when there are millions of unemployed able men and women in America looking for a job. I feel that work will be my life in the future. Just like now, school is my life since I started kindergarten. I will probably working everyday during the week with average to long hours just to earn a living for my family. I would want to pursue what I like and what I am good at in college. This will lead me to a job in that field. However, I will mostly be working for money rather than fun in life. Even though I will have time on the weekend, my life will still be consumed with

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