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Technological Advances Into a Modern World Essay

  • Submitted by: nicktom
  • on March 20, 2012
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Technological Advances into the Early Modern World

      Since the dawn of the human race on Earth, mankind bestowed an everlasting friendship on the concept to invent. Soon to be hailed, technology, the innovative race of humankind has been tied to it as it has been tied to them. From the earliest creation of fire to the creation of the atomic bomb, mankind has not stopped innovating. By the 16th century, mankind had uprooted itself completely and sailed to distant lands with the help of the compass, known as the greatest migration of human history. Western Europeans used the compass to sail across the Atlantic to a new world, while the Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasties in China were expediting the printing of books and becoming intellectuals and mastering literacy. The individuals who accomplished these tasks, conquistadors such as Cortes, admirals such as Zheng He, and philosophers and reformists of the Renaissance could not have succeeded in their quests without the help of the technologies they possessed. The people of Western Europe and the dynasties of China, birthed technologies that spring boarded mankind into a more modern world, the refined cannon and maritime compass gave Europeans dominance the sea, moveable type printing press gave the Chinese literacy and intelligence, technologies from these realms determined the history and future of the modern world.

The use of gunpowder had been first dawned by the Chinese as bamboo shoot handguns as early as the 9th and 10th century. Gunpowder and its wonders had spread throughout the medieval world, spanning to the Islamic states, England in the Hundred Years War, and the Ottoman Empire, who used it against Europeans in the invasion of Constantinople. During the Invasion of Constantinople, Mehmed II used huge bombards that hurled cannon balls at the Byzantine walls. This use of the cannon and gunpowder was one of the first uses of it by an Islamic empire. Mehmed II strategy of bombardment led to the...

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