How Did Johns Contribute To European Exploration

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Exploration and expansion could just boil down to the two most popular motives, money and power, but there was much more that encouraged the discovery of the new world and voyages around Africa. In Europe countries were just starting to form such as Portugal in 1380 Spain in 1469 and France 1480 so these new governments where looking to expand their holdings. Portugal united under King John I was largely responsible for the start of European exploration worldwide. King Johns I’s son Prince Henry the Navigator was a huge advocate of sailing and helped develop a new lighter ship. This new design would allow boats to sail farther and faster with fewer resources. Another of his contributions to expansion was his school for sailors set up in Portugal’s conquered city in North Africa. The school started in 1418 compiled maps and charts for interpretation and examination with the goal of charting as much ocean as possible. With Italy controlling trade with the Islamic states and growing into an empire of its own other European countries couldn’t compete with trade in the Mediterranean.…show more content…
Columbus an Italian believed he could sail west across the Atlantic and reach India. With sponsorship from the Spanish Monarch Columbus, with 3 ships and 90 sailors discovers the New World. He arrived at the Bahamas first encountering the Arawak Indians. Columbus never in his lifetime acknowledged that what he discovered was not India. Millions of natives in the New World died due to European illness making it easier for the Spanish Conquistadors to move in and take over much of the Americas. Balboa in 1513 discovers the Ithsmas of Panama and becomes the first European to set eyes on the Pacific Ocean from the east. The explorations to the new world continued and 1519-1522- Magellan sailed around the world proving that Columbus did not find

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