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TDA 2.1 Child and young person development. 1.2 Different aspects of development can affect one another in a lot of ways, for example if a child has a physical development affect such as a hearing problem (deaf). This would affect their development in many situations, if the child was to be playing in the role play area their intellectual development could be affect as a certain sound will not be heard when other can and learn from this. That can then lead to the language development being affected as the child will not be able to repeat the sound or express their views. Communication with other children may be limited which could affect the child's emotional and social development as the child may feel left out which could leave them feeling sad or even angry within the situation. This could then lead to the child not wanting to join in with future activities. 2.1 The main influences that can affect a child's development is their parents. Parents will affect the background of a child as they are the ones who bring the child into the world and also cultural beliefs are pass down from the parents, also if there is any abuse in the family background this will affect the child's development as they may experience more sad and angry emotions. The child's health will also be influenced by the parents as they could pass on a genetic disorder on to the child for example a heart problem and they could spend a lot of time in hospital and miss out socialising with peers . Also they are the ones to look after the child and will be the first to pick up if a problem was to come up like a illness. The environment in which the child I living is influenced by the parent as there are the ones who provide a home for the child so they decided if the child lives in a safe area. If the parent's are rich or poor will have an affect on the child, as a child from a rich
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