3.2 Explain the Reasons Children and Young Peoples Development May Not Follow the Expected Pattern Essay

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3.2 Explain the reasons children and young peoples development may not follow the expected pattern. there are many reasons which may cause a child or young persons development not to follow the expected pattern. These factors may be external or personal and can include disability, emotional influence, physical influences, environmental influences, social influences, learning needs and communication skills. Disability. this could be a physical or learning disability. Children with learning disabilities may be unable to focus and concentrate for long periods of time. children with physical disabilities may have gross and fine motor and functional skill problems. They may also suffer from an impairment such as deafness or a visual impairment which would impact on their ability to learn and play. Disabilities may affect confidence and challenge social skills. Emotional If a child or young person is not emotionally secure it could impact on their development. A child or young person who is not shown any love, attention or support or even abused at home would suffer from low self esteem and have little or no confidence or value of themselves, causing them to have difficulties in socialising and participate in learning activities. Physical Physical influences include genetic conditions such as Cystic Fibrosis and Downs syndrome, which may affect a child or young persons development, which could be from problems caused by their condition such as growth and strength, meaning a child or young person may take longer to meet particular stages of development. Environmental The environment in which a child or young person lives may affect their development. A child or young person living in poverty in an area of high unemployment or crime may not have the same opportunities as a child living in a better area with parents with a higher income.
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