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TDA 2:1 1.2 Describe with examples how different aspects of development can affect one another. Holistic development means for example – A child with a physical disability may not be able to take part in certain games, may be left out by other children. This can affect social development; it may also affect a child’s emotional development as the child may lack confidence. A child with speech impairment may have language difficulties which may lead to social skills being limited, Intellectual skills may affect reading if sounds can’t be made, emotional , may lack confidence, could lead to behavioural problems due to frustrations, could show anger or could be unnaturally quiet, shy or withdrawn. 2.1 Describe with examples the kinds of influences that affect children and young people’s development including: • Background • Health • Environment Background A young child especially is mostly influences by their parent or parents. This is because they learn from them and are a huge part of their lives. Each child will have a different childhood to others, as each individual is different. Parents have a strong bond with their own child and want only the best in life for them, this could be to want them to have the best childhood possible, watch them grow and exceed with career expectations. Also to meet new people, friends and develop new relationships. However depending on the type of background a child might have this could affect their development education wise, social development and emotionally. For example some parents might be going through divorce proceedings and a young child might be too young to understand why this is happening, this could result on them focusing less on education and they might not be able to cope emotionally. Another example could be that a young child might be moving house constantly and not having a stable home
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