Childs Temperament Essay

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Task 2: How does an infant or child’s temperament affect the development of attachment & the development of social behaviours? An infant or child’s temperament can have a positive or negative affect on attachment. As well how the parents temperament will affect this as well. For example if you have a parent who is always on the go and very active and her baby is more calm and relaxed they may have a harder time to build a secure attachment they will have to adjust to their different temperaments. If a parent is always stressed and worried there child will sense this and not feel as loved as a parent who is more warm and comforting. This does not mean that a parent doesn’t love their child but the way they are each emotionally will have an effect on their level of attachment. A child’s temperament can be shown at a very young age you will see this in the child’s level of activity, emotionally and socially. If a child is always upset and crying when they are at daycare or with a caregiver this will also affect their level of attachment it will be much harder for that child to be cared for and the love and comfort a child needs will not meet as the child’s temperament is affecting this attempt for attachment. A child’s temperament can affect a child's choice of activities and environments. A shy and unsociable child will shy away from meetings and getting to know strangers while a more friendly and approachable child will do the opposite. Such social interactions help the child’s learning and increase his general knowledge. On the other hand impulsive and more difficult children are more likely to get into disciplinary situations such as misbehaving and breaking school rules. This will definitely have an impact on the child's chances to learn. Furthermore a child's temperament will affect his learning experiences. For social behaviour, I would say that if a

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