Task 2 Health And Lifestyle Research Paper

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Exercise, health and lifestyle. Tasks: Task 1- Describe lifestyle factors that have an effect on health. Task 2- Explain the effects on identifies lifestyle factors of health. Task 1 – Alcohol. Alcohol can affect the body in many ways, big and small. Some of the main effects are: Death. Blackouts. Cancer. High blood pressure. Reduced fertility and many more. Alcohol also affects your working performances as well as your health. Alcohol affects your breathing and your organs. Alcohol is very high in calories and if you do not do regular exercise you can gain weight very quickly. This can then strain your body especially the cardiovascular and respiratory system. Alcohol interferes with the brains communication pathways, also affecting the way the brain looks and works. This can disrupt…show more content…
2) Insomnia. 3) Headaches and many more. These happen because your body is always working harder. This also increases your blood pressure rising, meaning the blood vessels are under pressure. If a blood vessels bursts this is called a stroke. The blood becomes sticky because the amount of sugar and fats that have been released into the blood to try and respond. Stress can be linked with many problems such as eczema, depression and stomach. There are different ways to manage stress and this can be from medication to exercise. The human body is designed to know when stress is used and is effecting the body and your body should know how and when to react to it. Everyone thinks that stress is a bad thing but it is also a positive. This is because stress is keeping you alert and will prepare you for any kind of danger. Stress can become dangerous is someone is faced with stress continuously without any kind of relief. Stress becomes very dangerous when they use alcohol, tobacco or drugs to try and relieve the stress. Instead of relieving the body it will keep your body at the same stress level or your body can become even more stressed
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