Essay On Should Drinking Age Be Changed To 21

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Gina Curiale April 27th, 2011 Professor Byrd English 088 Should the Drinking Age be changed to 21? Ever since the drinking age was legally changed to 21 in 1984, there have been people debating against it. Some people believe it should be lower, citing European nations that have a much lower or non-existent drinking age. Others believe the legal age should actually be higher, noting that the brain doesn’t fully develop until after 21, and people still need more time to mature and sequentially drink responsibility. However, the drinking age is perfect where it is at 21 for statistical reasons that work well for America. To change it would be an unnecessary risk, as we have developed an age system appropriate for our culture. The drinking…show more content…
Add to this the fact that adolescent brains are still maturing, and the study of alcohol’s effects becomes even more complex. Acting as a sedative on the central nervous system, alcohol depresses the nerve cells in the brain dulling, altering, and damaging their ability to respond appropriately. Consumed in large doses can cause sleep, respiratory failure, even coma and death. The effects don’t take long to take effect on the body, in about thirty minutes or so, the drinker will experience mild euphoria and a loss of inhibition as alcohol impairs region of the brain controlling behavior and emotions. Impairing behavior, judgment, memory, concentration, and coordination. On the liver, a build up of excess fluid begins to gather as your body works over-time to get rid of the toxins. Extreme mood swings and emotional outburst also are a common side effects of “one too

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