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GRT1 Task 1 Transmission of informa/on within the cell and the role of DNA and RNA in replica/on. Process of DNA replica/on at the biochemical level Enzymes • DNA Polymerase-­‐finds correct base and bonds to the original strand • DNA Helicase-­‐unpackages the organism’s genes • Primase-­‐a type of RNA polymerase involved in the replicaiton of DNA The role of the ligase enzyme in the replica/on of DNA ("Human DNA ligase I completely encircles and par/ally... [Nature. 2004] -­‐ PubMed -­‐ NCBI", n.d., p. 12-­‐15) The role of ligase enzyme • Ligase facilitates the joining of the DNA strands together by catalyzing the forma/on of a phosphodiester bond. • It plays in important role in DNA replica/on and repair. The role of mRNA in transcrip/on and transla/on ("Ribosomes, Transcrip/on, Transla/on | Learn Science at Scitable", n.d., p. 182-­‐184) The role of RNA polymerase inhibi/on and the death cap mushroom • The death cap mushroom a[acks the body through blocking RNA polymerase. • Without RNA polymerase, mRNA transcrip/on can not occur . DNA encoding resides in the mRNA. If transcrip/on does

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