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DNA Review Questions 1. Examples of polymers that contain repeating units known as nucleotides are: a. Hemoglobin b. Starch c. Cellulose d. DNA e. Paints 2. How many different bases are associated with the makeup of DNA? a. Two b. Four c. Five d. Six e. None of the above 3. Assume that two strands of DNA have been separated and that the base sequence on one strand is A-T-G-C. State the sequence of bases on the second strand. a. G-C-A-T b. A-C-T-C c. T-G-G-C d. T-A-C-G e. G-A-C-G 4. The production of amino acid is coded by a sequence of how many bases on the DNA molecule? a. Two b. Three c. Four d. Five e. Six 5. Portions of the DNA molecule useful for DNA typing: a. Code for the production of proteins b. Are useful for recombinant DNA c. Are repeated many times d. Are useful for the production of insulin e. Can determine if a person has sickle-cell anemia 6. The concept of simultaneously extracting, amplifying, and detecting a combination of STRs is known as: a. PCR b. THO1 c. Multiplexing d. Electrophoresis e. Polymarker 7. Which statement is not correct for Y-STRs? a. Female STRs will not yield a Y-STR profile. b. Y-STRs can be amplified by PCR. c. Y-STR types are typically shorter in length as compared to X-STRs. d. A typical Y-STR pattern has one band. e. Y-STRs are less susceptible to degradation as compared to RFLPs. 8. Which of the following statements about mitochondrial DNA is incorrect? a. Mitochondrial DNA is located outside the cell’s nucleus. b. Mitochondrial DNA is constructed in a loop configuration. c. Two regions of mitochondrial DNA have been found to be highly variable in the human population. d. Many copies of mitochondrial DNA’s hypervariable regions are made by PCR. e. The number of repeat segments found in the hypervariable regions are used to type

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