Tactics and Strategies Terrorism

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Using two or three examples, critically explain how the tactics and strategies used by terrorists have evolved since the 1990’s. Terrorist activity has always been a threat within society, however when acts of terrorism are carried out the vulnerability of modern society is broadcast worldwide. The tactics and strategies that have been employed by terrorists since the 1990’s are adapting to suit the modern age of terrorism we see today. The modern terrorist we are confronted with appears to challenge the foundations of what we once believed to be true and in the process seems to be more lethal than ever before. Increased use of the Internet by terrorist groups is a strategy that has been utilized more efficiently since the 1990’s due to the increased reliance on technology. They have relied on the use of their websites and propaganda in order to get their message across. Suicide attacks are also among the tactics that terrorists have favoured over the past 20 years. The reasons why these tactics have been favoured will also be discussed. The aim of this essay is to discuss and critique the ways in which the strategies that have been adopted by terrorist organisations an how they have evolved over the past two decades. Terrorists communicate fear and evoke a desired response from their target audience using mass media, specifically through the use of the Internet. It is difficult for terrorists to get their desired response when they cannot communicate effectively with their targets, and therefore their strategies in response to this issue have changed. The way in which terrorists have used media as a platform to get their message across has changed throughout the history of terrorism. The new era of terrorism can be seen as more media and technology driven than ever before. Lind states that the “growing dependence on technology may open the door to new

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