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Emergency Response Western Governors University SZT Task 4 Role of Public Health Personnel and Chain of Command After a disaster, such as the one in Franklin County, the first thing that must be done is to set up an Incident Commander Center. This should be in a large enough building to accommodate all personnel as well as an easily accessible location not damaged by the disaster. After a command center has been established, the public health personnel’s skills need to be assessed and different positions need to be assigned in order to form the Public Health Incident Command System (PH-ICS). In the Franklin County scenario, the Fire Chief has taken over the duty of Incident Commander because of his emergency response and supervisory training and experience. He is at the top in the chain of command and will be the one to assign staff to different roles. The Public Information Officer (PIO) assures that all of the important public health information is conveyed to the public as well as other agencies in a timely manner, and they keep all health personnel informed so they have consistent information to provide to the public. The PIO would be next in the chain of command after the Incident Commander and followed by the Liaison Officer (LO). The LO will act as the primary point of contact for all supporting agencies, and will answer all questions and provide briefings as needed. If any agency were to have a question or request, they would go through the LO rather than going directly to the Incident Commander. The Planning Section Chief will be in charge of gathering, analyzing and distributing information. He or she oversees the planning process and compiles the Incident Action Plan. The Logistics Section Chief will gather supplies, secure space and equipment, and acquire anything else that Operations

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