Assignment 306: Relation To Health And Safety

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Assignment 306 Task a HEALTH AND SAFETY PRESENTATION Ai A list of the key legislation relating to health and safety in social care - • Health and safety at work act 1974 • Health and safety (first aid) regulation 1981 including the amendment on 2009 • Management of Health and safety at work regulation 1999 • Manual handling operations regulations 1992 • The electricity at work regulation 1989 • Reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences regulation 1995 (RIDDOR) • Communicable diseases and infection control • Care standard act 2000 • The medicines act 1968 • Working time regulation 1998 • Food safety act 1990 and food hygiene regulations2005…show more content…
The health and safety act states that everyone in the workplace is Responsible for health and safety, every legislation on health and Safety gives you guidance of all your responsibilities as a carer In how you should maintain a high standards with in all the areas the legislations cover such as- FOOD HYGIENE LEGISLATION 2005, handling food, using the right chopping board for the right food type to eliminate any cross contamination. ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION ACT 1990, handling clinical waste or hazardous substances, to know how and where to dispose of such things to protect your self, others and the environment. In order for your work place to keep within the health and safety frame work it is very important for every member of staff to read and refresh on a regular basses so that you understand and follow health and safety policies and procedures so that to eradicate any hazards or risk from the work place creating a safe environment for all using, working or living in a care setting.…show more content…
criminal law (set by parliament) 2. civil law (enforced by Environmental health officers and the health and safety Executive) a) Use of equipment- Making proper use of the equipment provided at work should only be carried out with specific training to all staff using the equipment ensuring they are competent to eliminate or reduce any risk of injury or hazards so to protect your self and others, with frequent training for refreshing all staff in health and safety. Under the health and safety legislation employees have legal responsibilities, if broken those responsible can receive a disciplinary depending on the severances of the incident, they can also be arrested, brought to court, find and/or imprisoned. b) first aid- First aid is the first help given to someone to prevent injury or illness from becoming worse. First aid can save lives so adequate training for first aid must be in place for all staff and made aware of the first aid arrangements. If a incident accurse and you are trained in first aid and feel confident to deal with the situation then do so, if not then get help immediately and provide assistance as required, failure to do so and fist aid is undertaken with out the right training putting your self and the person you are caring for at risk could result in a disciplinary, arrested, brought to court, find and/or

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