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undeniably, i am sure that most of us heard or come across this word,"lubricant" in our daily life either from the newspaper articles, television programmes or car magazines. but have we ever wonder what actually is a lubricant and how it works? A lubricant is a substance, mostly in liquid form, is introduced between two moving surfaces to reduce the friction and wear between them. A lubricant provides a protective film which lessens the friction between them thus allows the two touching surfaces to be "smoothed,". in fact, in this process, abrasive particles which causes friction are dissolved into the lubricant, thus making them also a very good solvents and cleaners. In fact, there're also many other uses of lubricant such as keep moving parts apart, reduce friction, transfer heat, carry away contaminants & debris, transmit power, protect against wear and to prevent corrosion. there are two main lubricants: solid lubricant and liquid libricant.Liquid lubricants can be characterized in many different ways. One of the most common ways is by the type of base oil used. There are water, mineral oils, and synthetic oils. For now, we will just take a look on synthetic oil. What exactly is a synthetic oil or synthetic lubricant? I'm sure many of us have not come across this term before. Conventional motor oil, as we have known it for the last 100 years or so is derived from crude oil that is taken from the earth with oil wells. Through a complex distillation process the crude oil is refined into many different liquids, or fractions, each having distinct characteristics. Some are very light and are used as fuel such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, and some are heavier and are used as lubricants motor oil, gear lube, grease. There are many molecular compounds present in crude oil and many of those compounds are still present in the refined product,

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