Sydney Carton Is a Sacrificing Hero

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Sydney as a sacrificing hero Sydney Carton is one of the most important characters of this novel. He is the second hero of the novel. He has close resemblance with Charles Darnay. He is shown as an insolent, alcoholic and indifferent attorney who is leading a miserable life. He is hopeless and he does not seem to be in pursuit of any. However, he is compared with jackal for his cleverly. Sydney Carton does the most important sacrifice in this novel. His sacrifice keeps a great contribution in the lives of Charles Darnay, Lucie Manette and their family. He sacrifices his life to save the husband of the woman he adores. By sacrificing his life, he has fulfilled his promise to Lucie Manette that he will sacrifice his life for her or the person dearer to her. He was willing to die for Lucie because of his desperate love for her. However, there is more than just simple love. Towards the end of the novel, Sydney realized that he wanted to do something noble in his life. That is why, he did something very high that few people can imagine even in their dream. When Darnay was imprisoned in France, Sydney went to France and rescued him from prison by switching places with him just before Darnay’s execution. The sacrifice of Sydney Carton is very important in this novel. Even, it gets very much importance than other character’s sacrifices. First of all, he saved Darnay’s life by giving his own. He acts as a rescuer. He rescued Darnay, Lucie and Dr. Manette from the prison. When he was leading his way to guillotine, Darnay and his family was going to England. Another important reason is that he kept his promise that he gave to Lucie Manette. He promised to her that one day he would sacrifice himself for the person whom Lucie loved. By doing so, he has chosen his destiny. It shows his selfless love to Lucie. It is also important because we know that very few people in the world

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