Comparing Darnay and Carton

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What are the differences between Charles Darnay and Sydney Carton? What are the similarities? Is it possible for them to be compared in any way? Darnay and Carton both have their similarities and differences that can be found by learning more about the character themselves. Charles Darnay, a noble or an aristocrat, was “a young man of about five-and-twenty, well-grown and well-looking, with a sunburnt cheek and a dark eye.” Though he was the heir of the title Marquis St. Evrémond, he renounces his title because of the corruption of the aristocrats. He moved to England to become a teacher and met Lucie and her companions on the way. After he and Lucie went their separate ways, Darnay was arrested for treason by the scheme of Roger Cly and his uncle. He was proven innocent because of his physical appearance was similar to Sydney Carton who aided him in his trial. He marries Lucie Manette and had a daughter named Lucie. During the Revolution, Darnay went back to Paris to save his friend Gabelle, but he was arrested instead because he was an émigré. He was sentenced to the guillotine and was saved by Carton who traded spot with Darnay. Sydney Carton had a sad past. While he was still young both of his parents died. Now he works in a law firm with J.P. Stryver who used Carton’s intelligent mind. He had no desire to improve from his position or putting his intelligence to use. He was always in the dark and had many drinking problem. It is like he had “a hole in his heart” that never could be filled until he met Lucie. Lucie was like a bright light that suddenly filled him. He gave a promise to Lucie because of his love for her. “For you and any dear to you, I would do anything…I would embrace any sacrifice for you and for those dear to you…” He soon had to live up to his promise when Darnay was arrested and sentenced to death. Because of his love and his promise to
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