Sacrifice In The Kite Runner

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The sacrifices, beliefs, and values parents’ implant in their children will help determine the person they grow up to be. A child is like a sponge that absorbs their parent’s thoughts and viewpoints that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Parents make great sacrifices for the care of their children. No matter what parents are going to try to do the best to protect and give them what is the best for them. In the novel, The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini, the author uses the parallels of, Amir and Soraya, and their love and tension relationship with their fathers to demonstrate in the end, their fathers all they want is what is the best for them. As a kid, Amir has a complex relationship with Baba. He always wanted Baba for…show more content…
They took walks together, and went to lunch on Saturdays, and, sometimes, the general say in on some of her classes. He’d sit in the back of the room, dressed in his shiny old gray suit, wooden cane across his lap, smiling. Sometimes he even took notes”(193). This shows the love that a parent has towards a child. The General wasn’t content at the idea of Soraya being a teacher, but later it she showed how happy it made her. If the General didn’t approve of her career, the bond they have now wouldn’t be as strong as it is. The General only wanted what was the best for her and letting her to be happy for what she does. Parents make great sacrifices for the care of their children; they protect their children from danger, attend to their cries, and lift them up when they’re down. The Kite Runner is a great novel that displays love and tension between children and parents. Though Baba showed not as much love towards Amir in the end Baba loves Amir unconditionally. The General went through almost killing himself and the Afghan man that Soraya was living with to show her the right path so she could be happy. Soraya later realized how much the General cared and loved her to bring her back home with

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