SWOT analysis on MET and its links to multi agency working practices

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Strengths: intrinsic qualities of the MPS or organisations that help to fulfil the assigned task. 1) The partnerships have enhanced the provision of services and improved security in these organisations. For instance, the partnership between the schools and the MPS, known as the Safer School Partnership has yielded numerous benefits, with the police undertaking more of a teaching role. The partnership has helped in reducing criminal activities, victimisation and antisocial behaviour in schools and its environs. Moreover, it has reduced truancy and exclusions. 2) MPS has helped the school staff to deal with anti-social behaviour, criminal incidents and victimisation and at the same time supported vulnerable youth through periods of transition. The partnership has enabled the participating schools to maintain a peaceful learning environment free from disruption. 3) MPS engagement in partnership with other agencies, offers a non-threatening and friendly environment for them to communicate with the public. This will help in changing the common trend whereby the only time people interact with the police is when a crime has been committed and one is either a victim or the offender, leaving no one involved with any good memories. 4) The partnerships enable the police to become part of the society, hence helping them in getting a better sense of the public’s needs. This will greatly help the public in developing a greater trust in the police. Essentially, these partnerships mean that the partners join the police in achieving a common goal of a safer and better place to live. 5) Willingness of the Metropolitan Police to cooperate with other support organisations as for example NSPCC or Victim Support. 6) Propensity of Scotland Yard to resort to the help of mass media especially in shaping public opinion. 7) Close cooperation of the Metropolitan police with
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