Criminal Justice Communication

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Communication plays a big role in our society and depending on who is involved and what is said, the communication channel can be disrupted by how it was interpreted. When communicating effectively, we need to think about who we are communicating the message to and how we can convey it in a way that will be most efficient. In the criminal justice field there are different types or styles of messages most often communicated. We will discuss the different types and the way or direction in which each of these messages is communicated within the criminal justice system. According to University of Phoenix Effective Communication for Criminal Justice Professionals (2004), “the blaming style basically attempts to find fault or to ascribe blame for…show more content…
Community policing is predicated upon discussions between citizens and the police.” This type offers police officers to know the community they work for and any problems within that community. They attend many meetings having to do with crime and the hope of being able to resolve certain criminal activity or the atmosphere for criminal acts to occur. This style is the more proactive approach and focuses more on correcting environmental matters that help facilitate a crime and programs such as rehabilitation to help substance abusers and teen pregnancy in getting their act cleaned up, not causing it to be repeated (University of Phoenix, 2004). The direction in which the problem-solving style of communication flows would be unidirectional. Everyone here is trying to help someone, so we can have a better society. We have learned that in the criminal justice system there are many different ways to communicate with people or criminals. Depending on which approach we take, we can get a different outcome or result. Nevertheless, what we do know is that communication is very important in our lives and is used on a daily basis. Making sure that we communicate effectively is vital when expecting a certain response and sometimes we need to be sure what we say or how we word things is done in an appropriate way. Not only saying things, but the way we say it is the key to life, and that is

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