Swot Analysis

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Executive Summary CanGo an inexperienced retailer that is currently offering book titles is looking to expand its business. CanGo is in the process of adding an online gaming division and is not sure how the company will manage such task, but is positive that this addition will have a great impact on the company’s future. CanGo has employed A-Team, a consultant group, to analyze what course of action would be best for CanGo to take, in its continuous advancement in the market place that will give CanGo a competitive edge in its expansion of the online gaming division. The members of the A-Team consultant group are Jerry McNeill, Sandrani Inch, Sharyl Farmer, Monica Douglas-Edwards, Herschel Long, and Michael Hunt. The following proposal will contain a SWOT analysis of the company’s strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, A-Team’s strategic planning recommendations, financial analysis, competitive analysis, and examination of the current market, along with the conclusion. SWOT Analysis After investigating CanGo’s operating procedures, A-Team had identified various internal and external factors of strengths and weaknesses through a SWOT assessment. The factors are illustrated in the chart below. Internal Factors | Strengths | Weaknesses | Management | Dedicated staff and recognized as a successful start-up company. | Lacks mission and vision statements, strategic planning, effective management and having no long-term goals | Personnel | Highly motivated and dedicated personnel. | Turnovers to competition of better management and salaries. | Products | Great selection of music and books appealing to a wide population. | Competitors bargaining product prices. | Marketing | Success in the targeted market segments. | Satisfying backload orders. | Finance | Steady sales revenue i.e. without significant profit from sales. | Competitors who are

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