Acc 497 Financial Statements Part 1

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Financial Statements: Part 1 Charles Graham ACC/497 December 15, 2014 Carolyn Lundy Financial Statements: Part 1 In Financial Statements Part 1 I will discuss The Home Depot’s annual report, to include the consolidated statement of earnings, the balance sheet, and the statement of cash flows. I will discuss some details of each sheet, the importance of the contents, business decisions associated with each sheet, and the benefits gained from the information contained in the sheets. The Consolidated Statement of Earnings-- income statement—informs a reader about the sales and expenses incurred by The Home Deport during the most recent financial year end, or fiscal year. A quick review of this income statement indicates the company has…show more content…
Net oncome does not tell the full story, nor does it truly represent the overall stability. In reviewing The Home Depot’s balance sheet the first item to present itself is the company´s reduction in present and long-term liabilities. The second thing is the almost six fold increase in the current installments of long-term debt. The company has eliminated nearly $1.7 billion in short-term debt, as well as successfully reducing the amount of payable income by nearly a billion dollars. This action will help the company down the road as fewer liabilities will result in less cash outflow, and place the company in a position to manage through the construction downturn. Another upside in the balance sheet was that The Home Depot has reported a $63 million dollar increase in stock holder´s equity. This information will be used by potential lenders or investors to determine if this company is worth the investment. In this case, it appears that The Home Depot would be a good credit risk, based on the latest…show more content…
It will show where it comes from, and where it goes. This indicates the company’s profitability, as shown in the net income, and their ability to meet obligated debts. It is possible for a company to have success in sales and net earnings and still fail to generate enough cash flow to meet obligations. The Home Depot is reporting a well maintained cash balance as reported in the balance sheet, and its operations continue to keep the influx of cash coming. The Home Depot cash flow shows significant net earnings and the cash flow statement does not indicate a drastic drop from previous years. A potential investor would find this information important when evaluating the company. This information would allow investors an insight into how The Home Depot manages its cash in light of potential losses in the revenue

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