Midsouth Chamber of Commerce - Case Study

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Midsouth Chamber of Commerce (MSCC) is a nonprofit agency composed of a group of influential businesspeople to lobby the legislature on the issue of transportation access. In the 1900s, MSCC expanded the range of issues affecting the business communities. Under new leadership, Jack Wallingford was named MSCC’s President. By 2000 the staff had grown rapidly and an information system was needed to support the increase of revenue along with management. Ed Wilson, Vice President of Public Affairs and Operationsg appointed Leon Lassiter as the Vice President of Marketing to develop sales and marketing functions. Lassiter believed an information system would increase the productivity of the company. Lassiter and Wilson’s lack of communication lead to a temporary consultant who did not understand the company’s needs. The UNITRAK system was introduced to MSCC as their new information system but unfortunately it created training obstacles for Lassiter. In 2005, Simon Kovecki a young computer science major was hired as a system analyst to increase the company’s capabilities. The many issues surrounding MSCC’s plan for improving its business model grew increasing stressful and complicated. An information system needed to be built to support the company’s growing demands along with a CIO who understands the company’s goals. An IT support group is required in order to establish change and productivity for their future. Lassiter’s choice to adopt the UNITRACK system was not well planned and required a closer examination with Kovecki and Wilson. Lassiter position as the Vice President of Marketing had hindered his ability to recognize the needs of the company. He also lacked the knowledge and research needed to make an informed decision to implement the UNITRAK system. Lassiter admits, “It’s partly my fault because I didn’t establish teamwork up front nor did I make clear early

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