Susan Glaspell's Trifles Essay

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Susan Glaspell’s Trifles: A Psychoanalytical Perspective Mohamed Fofana June 8, 2011 Composition II-Literature: English 1002 Instructor: Brad Lycan South University Online Week 3 Assignment 3 Topic: A Psychoanalytical Perspective view Thesis Statement: The psychoanalytical perspective in this drama reveals how a drama is unfolded through annoying trifles that became the motive. Introduction: This drama is about a cold murder case that happened in winter of 1916. Two deputies were called to investigate the alleged crime, but unfortunately, they could not identify the cause, because they ignored to the trifles items that made up the discovery of the death of Mr. Wright. It was on a cold winter morning, when sheriff Peters and County attorney, George Henderson entered through the kitchen door to investigate the murder of John Wright. They were followed by two women. One was the wife of Sheriff Peters and other, the wife of Hale who recounted the murder story. Hale was asked to recount the story of what he saw the previous morning by the sheriff, but was interrupted by the County attorney to know if anything at the crime scene had been disturbed or misplaced. But the sheriff assured the County attorney that, he had sent Frank to the farmhouse earlier to set up a stove fire, and was told not to touch anything except the stove in question. Hale recounted that, while he and his friend were on their way to town with a load of potatoes, he decided to check on his friend Wright, because it was just past eight o’clock in the morning hours to try to convince him to go with him on a party telephone line. The story made us understood that, after Hale had knocked at the door, he assumed that he heard someone told him to enter. He entered and saw Mrs. Wright in a rocking chair pleating with an apron. Hale went ahead to ask of John, but was ridiculed by his

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