A Jury Of Her Peers Essay

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Ahmed Taman English 200 J Pro. Barnes “A Jury Of Her Peers” As I was about to start mixing to make bread, Sheriff Peters stopped by to pick up my husband and son but also invited me because Mrs. Peters wanted me there. I can see it in Mr. Peters eyes that I wasn’t needed but I had to go for Mrs. Peters. It irritated me to leave the kitchen in it’s condition, to leave things half done but I must leave. As I meet up with Mrs. Peters at the Wrights’ place. I meet her the year before the county fair. She is small, thin, thin, and very soft spoken. She did not look like a sheriff’s wife the least bit. As we approached the Wrights’ house I felt a bit uneasy. After all those years that I’ve planned to visit Minnie Foster, I never got around to it. By the time I entered the house with Mrs. Peters, the county attorney, Mr. Henderson, was questioning my husband about what had happened…show more content…
Peters and I stayed behind. Mrs. Perters asked me in Mrs. Wright did it and to be honest… I wasn’t sure. She also told me that Mr. Peters says that it doesn’t look too goo for Mrs. Wright’ that Mr. Henderson is awfully sarcastic in his speech and that he will make fun of her for saying she didn’t wake up for the incident. I didn’t have an answer for Mrs. Peters. She also claimed that it they believed it was afunny way to kill a man which is strange because my husband didn’t underdstand since there was a gun in the Wirghts’ house. A momnet later, Mrs. Peters notices a a large sewing basket pilled high with quilt pieces. I explained that they were in a log-cabin pattern. It was pretty. When the men came back downstairs they didn’t even bother with the quilt pieces. Mrs. Peters and I went back to inspect the quilt and she noticed that one of the sewing was a little troubled. So I pulled out a stitch or two and finished the end up myself. Mrs. Peters thought Minnie Foster might have been nervous when she sewed that piece

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