Swiss Cheese Prosecution: William Robinson

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The “Swiss Cheese” Prosecution William Robinson was an african-american sunday school teacher who was shot in the back while he was eating in his home. He lived in an isolated log cabin and no one noticed he was dead until he did not show up for Sunday's congregation. There are several loop holes in the conviction of Tshuanahusset (or “Tom”) as he was the all too convenient killer in the case. Sue Tas was the main witness in the prosecution, he claimed to have gone in a canoe with Tom and Tom magically decided to go up to Robinson's house. Sue Tas claims that he stayed in the canoe and when he got cold he went up to Robinson's house as well to warm him self by the fire. When he got there Tom was by the fire and told him that if he shot Robinson that they should take all his nice things, so Sue Tas got scared and left. When he was outside he heard a gunshot and when Tom called him back in Robinson was lying on the floor dead, Tom told Sue Tas to get all the things and he said no. Tom took the things he wanted back to the canoe and locked the door with a key and told Sue Tas not to tell anyone. Sue Tas hid for five days then went back and told one of the neighbors what he had seen. This explanation causes more questions than answers, why would Robinson let two Aborigines into his house with no questions asked, what did Tom have to gain from killing him, was Sue Tas really an innocent bystander. He claims Tom had his gun with him but then it was revealed that Robinson's gun was missing from his mantle so where did it go? In a newspaper article during the trial it was stated that Sue Tas was threatened with death if he ever returned home and that seems fishy if he was telling the truth. There are a bunch of things that could have gone wrong with this testimony, someone could have paid the interpreter or something could have gotten lost in translation. Only Tom was

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