Tim O Brien Situational Irony Analysis

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Irony Why do authors use irony? Authors can use irony to show the purpose of the story, whether it is to entertain, to warn, or to create suspense. Some choose to use situational irony, and some choose verbal or dramatic irony- or any blend of the three. Authors use irony to add interest to their stories. Tim O’Brien uses irony in his short story “Where have you gone, charming Billy?” The story set in Viet Nam during the war, revolves around a young man on his first day in country. He is so frightened because the situations all are so new. He cannot forget what he saw earlier when “Billy Boy was…scared to death in action” (736). The irony surprises us because Billy Boy was supposed to be a tough soldier who would survive anything. He does not because his fear causes a heart attack. This surprise ending of Billy Boy’s life adds interest and makes, the reader keep reading to find out what happens. Saki uses irony in his short story “The storyteller”. The story, set on a train, revolves around a small girl, a smaller girl, a little boy, their aunt, and a bachelor on their way to Templecombe. The bachelor starts telling the kids a story about this girl named Bertha who got to go to the park…show more content…
Patrick Maloney came home from work and tells Mary Maloney that he is leaving her. Mary Maloney wanted to cook him supper, so she went downstairs to get a leg of lamb and when she came back up she walked behind him and “swung the big leg of lamb high in the air and brought it down as hard as she could on the back of his head” (382). The irony jumps out at us because Mary Maloney was supposed to be nice and cook him supper. Mary Maloney makes it out that somebody else killed him and the cops and detectives ate the weapon and did not know. The reader wants to keep reading to find out
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