A Long Way Gone Essay Analysis

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In the real life based novel about his early war life in Sierra Leone, Ishmael Beah tells his story while facing these conflicts of war. This war leaves him without family. He becomes desperate to survive leading to him joining the army. His time in the army desensitized him and made him a different person who could kill at the snap of a finger. This is due to the ability to adapt in times of desperation. Eventually after these years of serving as a soldier he is relieved and sent to a rehabilitation camp. Here he has a long, tough recovery process which even when recovered leaves him scarred and can never fully be healed. This shows that he was slightly lucky to even recover at all. For example, when soldiers come back from war, 22% of these soldiers suffer an unrecoverable long term phase of PTSD and sometimes the inability to work or function normally ever again. In his text A Long Way Gone, Ishmael Beah shows how the cost of surviving war often requires the dismantling of one's humanity, and what it takes to recover it. He displays this through his use of character development and flashbacks. But despite his notion, he doesn't address what happened to those who didn't make it back either physically or mentally and why it is that he could recover but they could not. How Beah develops his written characters allows the reader to see clear images of the changes that they have gone through via the war experience. Once a innocent boy who enjoyed life by playing games and listening to music but, when the war happened he had to eliminate his innocence and shift his views in order to survive. These kinds of situations of war led him from innocence to a reality shift and an experience of war where he is a completely a different person. For example he goes from "Often, my shadow would scare me and cause me to run for miles. Everything felt awkwardly brutal. Even the

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