The Things They Carried Speaking Of Courage Analysis

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It is quite harsh for this soldier to, get used to the life outside the war. We are following him, as he tells about the difficulties he has. In the following essay I will analyse Tim O’Brien’s short story “Speaking of courage” from the collection Things They Carried that was published in 1990. I will mainly focus on the Narrative structure and the conflict the main character is dealing with. Furthermore, I will examine the paratext and the historical context. The main person in this short story is Norman Bower; he is a war veteran and has been fighting in the Vietnam War. The story takes place in a small town in the US Lowa. While he drives around town, we hear about his crew in the wartime. We explore how retelling the stories bring up the pain from war experience, and it lets the soldiers work through it after the war had ended. The protagonist is unable to tell his war experiences and therefore drives silently around; this lack of audience prevents him from arriving at a similar understanding. Norman Bower is finding himself at a loss, he comes home to nothing, his friends are all dead, his girlfriend is married and he has nobody to share his wartime stories with. The structural framework that the narrator is represented in is; that his life goes in circles, he is constantly thinking about the traumatizing experiences the…show more content…
Where he tells us different things that the soldiers carried, and these could be an abstract explanation of their personalities. Lt. Jimmy Cross carries letters from his crush named Martha, he is constantly thinking about her and getting distracted when on missions. The lieutenant is the “master” and this character is a prime example of the outcome when you are immature to handle the responsibility. Another example is Ted Lavender; who is a scared young solider that calms him self with tranquilizers. Their young age is an instrument that intensifies their emotional
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