Survivors of the Tragedy at the Nightclub in Brazil Essay

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The nightclub Kiss fire in the city of Santa Maria, on Southern of Brazil, had about 230 victims on January 29 of 2013. It was caused by the use of pyrotechnics. The nightclub burned down was licensed to hold 100 at the time but was packed with 300 young people in high spirits. The flares burned people, suffocated them, even as the panicky crowd crushed itself to the pack of the dead and to death. The place was windowless and there were just one door but the dead blocked the ones alive who fought for a way out. The total of survivors on this tragedy was about 80 people but they are still fighting for their lives. It took six hours for the Brazilian emergency team to retrieve all the charred bodies. When the ceiling caught fire it was really weak but in a matter of seconds it spread. The desperation of people to save their lives was huge. The lucky survivors of the horrific nightclub blaze in Brazil were telling stories of anguish and despair as they raced to escape the doomed death trap. One of the survivors, Bortolotto, said he was helping a girl escape when she "died in my arms. I felt her heart stop beating.” Another survivor, Elissandro Spohr, escaped through the iron gate of the nightclub Kiss. He reached down and pulled to the curb three girls who are squeezed between hundreds of others in despair, jostling to escape the inferno of smoke and flames that turned the nightclub. A Brazilian newspaper wrote, “there was a barrier of bodies blocking the entrance.” And the door closed inward which prevented a smooth outward flow of people running out for dear life. After the tragedy, many of the survivors of this fire suffered sequelae and remained hospitalized for more serious situation. All patients requiring mechanical ventilation were considered more complex cases. Others could not survive after hospitalized. There were three main causes of death among

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