The Weathermen

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The Weathermen The Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) formed in 1959. They were a group of student activists whose intentions in the beginning was to help out with the civil rights movement and improve living conditions in the ghettos throughout the U.S.. Later the group became heavily involved protesting the Vietnam War. SDS started out as a non-violent activist group but slowly became more militant. In 1969 the SDS split into separate factions, the Progressive Labor Party, the Revolutionary Union and the Weathermen. The Weathermen were a group of extreme left-wing radicals who caused problems in the U.S. They took their name from a line in the Bob Dylan song Subterranean Homesick Blues ("You don't need a weatherman to know which…show more content…
The reason that they split from the SDS to form their own faction was because they disagreed with the peaceful protest strategies. They wanted action and they wanted it NOW! Some may consider the Weathermen were a terrorist group, which they certainly may qualify for. However; they were fighting for what seemed to be a probable cause. They might not have needed to go to such extreme lengths to get the point across, but that's what makes them so intriguing. The Weathermen were on a mission to engrave their name into this country's heart. They wanted to become well known so they could recruit more people and become a larger and more powerful force; they had sort of a socialist sort of view. In dire needs of more recruits, and desperate for action, the Weathermen began what was planned to be a four day protest through Chicago on October 6th, 1969 known as "The Days of Rage". They chose Chicago because they wanted revenge on the Chicago Police Department, who had brutally beaten several demonstrators (lead by the infamous "Chicago 7" during the 1968 Democratic Convention. In the midst of the evening on October 6th the Weathermen blew up a statue dedicated to policemen in Chicago's Haymarket Square. Hundreds of window shattered from the shockwave of the explosion. The cops were aware of their presence and had a tight eye on the crew. On Wednesday evening an anticipated thousands of demonstrators failed to show and left the Weathermen with only 300 people or so. They were all heavily armed and ready to wreck complete havoc upon Chicago. Many wielded helmets, goggles, gas masks, clubs, lead pipes, brass knuckles and baseball bats which were intended to be used upon anything that stood in their way on that fateful night. The cops reported hearing the group shouting out "Battle of Algiers" war cries. COMPLETE
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