Super Size Me Attacks

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Super Size Me Attacks Maccas Documentaries are created to make an audience feel strongly about the director’s argument. In the case of, Super Size Me, which Morgan Spurlock produced and directed in 2004, he has invited the audience to believe that McDonalds is evil and he goes to all extremes to prove this. Super Size Me is an issue driven documentary, meaning that Spurlock has especially designed this documentary based on the effect fast food has on your body. He has positioned the audience to think that Maccas is evil by using many film techniques, including, talking heads, interviews, music, animations, camera angles, still photos, voice over, and facts. This documentary may be challenged on a number of levels as it has many…show more content…
Also the use of camera angles plays a major impact on persuading the audience, for example showing close ups on doctors’ faces to make the audience trust them, shots of big bottoms also with that long shots of obese people even though McDonalds may not havebeen the problem. In the last chapter Spurlock addresses the audience in a voice-over whilststill photos of the ‘golden arches’ cuts to a collection of tombstones in the cemetery, with this the viewer is left with Spurlock wanting us to believe Maccas us going to kill us all. Many documentaries and this documentary in particular is very biased about the chosen topic. Super Size Me is an effective documentary that persuades the audience to a point of view that invites them to believe McDonalds is evil. In doing this Spurlock is constantly ‘bad mouthing’ Maccas to put the message out there by saying “What is it I am being
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