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Pee Facetious Humour and situation and context Chris Rock’s stand up routine “Gun Control” takes place in a large theatre in America. In my opinion I find it extremely interesting that CR uses a theatre to speak about a serious topic. Theatres are usually formal but he uses facetious humour to break the tension. ”Gotta get rid of guns (.)Oh yea I like guns.”This use of sarcasm immediately grabs the audience’s attention within the first line. Scripted vs. Unscripted Chris Rock’s intended audience in his stand up routine “Gun control” is aimed for youngsters that are aged twenty-one and over. I know this because he says that “you gotta gun you don’t need to got pecks I got techs”. This shows that Chris Rocks uses informal language as if he’s having a random conversation with a young friend talking about the obsession of their self appearance , the use of colloquial lexis shows that this an unscripted piece of text. Roles (host, guests, stand -up comedian) Chris Rock’s changes the tone of his voice I know this because he speaks in third person saying” I’m gonna get me another job(.)I’m gonna start saving some money and you are a dead man.” What we can infer from this quote is that Chris rock uses the term of S.S.P.A , he changes his role as another random man as he’s putting his point across to the audience. Purpose Chris Rock’s stand up routine “Gun control” has a huge purpose and meaning to it because in America “Gun Control” is talked about in America in the news he speaks about such a controversial topic and raises awareness to everyone in the theatre.”I think all bullets should cost five thousand

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