Mitch Albom & Condescencion

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Mitch Albom is an esteemed writer on sports, politics, and other topics. When speaking of the sports of the University of Michigan, the Detroit Lions, or topics such as O.J. Simpson or the “Big Three” Automakers, Albom uses an overall tone that is condescending to bring his point to his reader. With words like “Do you want to watch us drown?” (Hey, 1), and “It’s a circus,” (Only, 1), Albom instills a patronizing attitude into his audience. In his article “Hey, You Senators: Thanks For Nothing” Albom is criticizing the choices of our senators in regards to the American automakers. The automakers are in trouble, possibly ready to file for bankruptcy, and our leaders refuse to help. Mitch condescendingly states that the automakers are the lifeblood of the American economy and if they fail, the economy will only get worse. “You’ll go down with us. America isn’t America without an auto industry. You can argue whether $14 billion would have saved it, but you surely tried to kill it.” (Hey, 1) He also says “We have grease on our hands. You have blood.” (Hey, 1) Albom blatantly accuses our leaders of trying to destroy the American auto industry and therefore the economy. Albom continues with his column on the Detroit Lions, who are compiling the worst NFL season in history. With clear-cut precision, Mitch outlines his opinion of the Lions, which is that of condescending disgust. He says “The bleak goes on. The stench is getting worse. The Lions… left more points unscored than a father who lets his 6-year-old beat him at basketball,” (Lions, 1). “This is now, as of this moment, the worst Lions’ team ever. Which is like being the smelliest fish,” (Lions, 1). Albom clearly considers this football team a disgusting disgrace and is not above speaking down about them. Finally, Albom speaks of the Lions once again. With the title “Only Feat Left is One Lions Don’t Want,”

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