Summer Jobs For Youth

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For Many, Summer Jobs Must Mean Something More Than a Paycheck Though there are obvious direct benefits of a summer job creation program, we must look beyond the paycheck and economic stimulus that it provides. In preparing and planning for this prodigious effort, we must look toward the less realized benefit that it affords, which is the preparation of our young adults to break the grips of poverty and learn the skills that schools cannot teach. We must look to this opportunity to build and prepare our youth to be more than just wage earners, but also lifelong learners with a desire for continuous advancement and something more than a paycheck. The passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Bill of 2009, and its investment of 1.2 billion in youth summer job creation and training is going to give the youth service community the opportunity to put thousands of low-income young people into jobs, and they need to be mindful that a “job” is not a ticket out of poverty. It is imperative that these efforts teach young adults the intangible benefits of a summer job - documented work experience; positive adult support networks; knowledge of industry and the skills needed to advance. It is important for youth service organizations to understand the importance of having youth successfully complete the summer job experience. Research shows that a series of documented, progressive job experiences during young adult years has a positive impact on future wages and opportunities. Moreover, summer jobs can give youth access to hidden labor markets. It is a fact that the majority of available jobs are never posted in the newspaper or at the one stop center. Most young adults from low-income communities do not have access to information about where the good jobs are because the majority of people in their community are unemployed. Finally, a summer jobs can
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