Summary: Questions From The Reflections After Waco

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Bianca Dankwah-mintah Religion of the world May-22-2012 Questions from the reflections after Waco According, to article David Koresh and The Branch Davidians were home and the ATF stormed into their home and required a search warrant on the suspicion of that the group was stockpiling weapons. The people that died were government officials 4 of them were wounded. Also, in the Branch Davidians home 100 men, women and children died. The government should have never done a horrible mistake. David Koresh was considered a prophet because he had false predications about apocalypse engineered by God and the millennia. The assaults from the government at Waco Texas were making a point about the prophecy. David movement was a millenarian…show more content…
The people believed that god was coming to give the final judgments because of the second coming of Christ. David stated that god told him to multiply and have babies with many women including women that were married. One of the limits was that the people liked charisma and had lots of talents that convinced these people to follow him. Also, because David had Charisma he had an opposite way of thinking because he wanted people to convert to his religion and believe in him so he had to become someone he was not. The FBI and The Bureau of Tobacco and Fire Arms failed to recognize the nature of millenarian beliefs because David Koresh viewed his delusions as reality of life. I think that the government didn’t think the beliefs are real because the beliefs were bizarre. Also, another reason the government didn’t take the Davidians serious because they were in cult. The ATF contributed that this event was a lot of troubles that caused a lot of people to die for a good purpose. Likewise in the First Amendment people want the government to take religious beliefs very serious in order to not cause another epidemic from happening

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