Nazi Medical Experiments Ethical

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Is it ethical to use experimental clinical data collected by the Nazis? During World War II, terrifying crimes were committed against the innocent Jewish community by a group of hate-filled German organization who called themselves Nazis. These crimes ranged from executions to a slow, torturous agony which brought about the Nazi medical experimentation. Throughout the years, the Nazi medical experimentation has been a main controversy in today's advancement in the medical field. This has been a main controversy because so many people suffered without giving their consent to let the doctors and scientists conduct these experiments in the name of science. These past experimentations have raised many questions on whether or not data should be used to better the medical field’s knowledge. My opinion on the matter is that we shouldn’t use the data that was collected because the data is unethical. It encourages doctors and scientists to perform unethical procedures that have no medical value to its name and can be considered unmoral in today’s society. The data obtained is unethical because it goes against the Hippocratic Oath that physicians take and swear to practice medicine ethically and honestly which is something that the Nazi doctors didn’t do. The Nazi doctors tortured to death all of the weak and defenseless patients in so many of their horrible experiments, which ended up having them dying in a horrendous way. We shouldn’t use this unethical data for the sake of all those innocent people. Any experiment that has the guidelines of not asking or getting consent and leading to death should not be used. An example of one of the most used experiment was the hypothermia testing which was used to simulate the conditions the armies suffered on the Eastern Front by the Germans. The experiment consisted of allowing the patient's body temperature to slip

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