Night by Elie Wiesel

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Research Paper Ethan Do The Nazis disposed of the Jewish people in many atrocious manners as displayed in the personal reflection of Elie Wisel in his book Night. The ways that the Jews were horrifically murdered was the gassing and shooting. However, those were not the only methods of how the Jews died. They died from a lack of malnutrition and other diseases that were caused by the abhorrent surroundings. There were so many crematoriums during World War II that the Nazis had developed. The Jews were placed in the crematoriums as a way of disposing them. During the holocaust, there were many gruesome types of deaths that the Nazis inflicted upon the Jews. The most common course of action the Nazi Officers took exterminating the Jewish people were the process of using a poisonous gas (Danish page 2). The Nazis used a type of gas labeled Zyklon B. Since there were so many gas chambers, each chamber could hold approximately eight hundred people. Zyklon B is so poisonous that before the Nazi officers (SS officers) could open the door, they had to wait at least thirty minutes or more to be sure that every single person that was thrown in the chamber was breathless (ACC page 4). The Nazis also used another type of method very similar to the chamber that uses Zyklon B. The gas van was used in the same way, but instead of using Zyklon B, the Nazi officers used the exhaust fumes that come out of the vans. The officers gathered large groups of Jews and deposited them in vans filled with exhaust fumes (Camps page 3). The second most frequently used method of killing the Jews was shooting them. By using this method, the SS officers had to somehow dispose of the dead bodies. The officers forced others to excavate quarries in the ground as a place for the dead bodies. The officers forced the Jews to line up on the edges of the pit, overlooking the bodies below. Once all
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