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Nicolas Miedema 05/04/12 Mr. Carunchia U.S. History Auschwitz WWII has probably been the greatest event one the world. It was a war between the axis power and the allied power. The greatest protagonist in this war was Germany, the one who started the war and in charge of the death of approximately 6 million Jews ( This massacre is worldwide known as the HOLOCAUST. They send the Jews to concentration camps to torture or kill them. These concentrations camps were spread in all Germany and Poland. The most famous and deathliest concentration camp was Auschwitz. The camp was started on 1940, when the SS send a request to Oswiecim to see if they could use a barrack that was used by the polish military between the two wars. They were…show more content…
There were eight gas chambers and more than 40 ovens to kill the prisoners. All this chambers could deal with around 4,400 prisoners per day making Auschwitz one of the biggest concentration camp that Germany had at their disposal. Lots of trains would arrive daily to Auschwitz bringing many people. Of this entire people between 10 and 30 percent were selected to work at Auschwitz. The rest of them were sent either to the gas chambers or to the ovens. Some of this ones that survived were the ones that would take the corpses from the chambers to the crematory and they had to burn them. These prisoners were in a unit that was called sonderkommando. When burning the corpses there was not only one burned at a time they would stack a bunch of them and burn them all together. In1944, there was an overpopulation in Auschwitz because there was a Hungarian group that was going to be exterminated because they were considered as Jews by the Nazis. This Hungarian group was around 725,000 members. There were also others that came in train and the others that were already there. There were more persons then what Auschwitz could hold. When there were too many corpses the started to use some holes that were behind crematoria V to burn other corpses. This was not enough to burn all of the corpses, there were lots of them that were just piled up and left there during all winter ( There is no exact number of how many persons died at Auschwitz but there were around 1,208,000.
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