What´s Concentration Camps Happened During The Holocaust?

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The Holocaust started because of a man named Adolf Hitler. War World II lasted from 1939 to 1945. The people that were involved during this time period were mainly the Jews and the Germans. One of his wishes was for specific types of groups to be gone and extinct from this world. The concentration camps helped him make that wish come true. A concentration camp is a camp in which people are detained or confined usually under harsh conditions, concentration camps were started in 1933, and the daily life in camps were very long, harsh, and organized. A concentration camp is a type of prison, or place, where large numbers of people who are not soldiers are kept during a war and are usually forced to live under harsh conditions. There were many types of camps that existed during the Holocaust, some known as death camps and concentration camps. Concentration camps are known as the camps that Holocaust victims were sent to work. There…show more content…
Adolf Hitler came into Poland in 1939 and started taking over. He sent Jews and other people that he didn’t like to concentration camps and that is where people were sent to work for Germany and for Germans. The first concentration camp was established in March of 1939. It is known as Dachau. It was established soon after Hitler’s appointment of Chancellor. When World War II was going on, the number of prisoners in the camps increased by a lot. In 1941 some death camps started to become camps that killed people in them. Some ways that people were killed were by putting them into poisonous gas chambers and by testing medical experiments on them. Concentration camps still remained a work camp, but there were camps created that killed. After the first concentration camp was made the building of concentration camps spread like wildfire. Larger camps were then established north of Berlin, in Oranienburg. The overall thing that started all of the concentration camp was World War
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