Why Do You Choose Auschwitz In 1940

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Just think if you had been to Auschwitz in 1940. To hear the screams and see the people. It’s a sad thought to think about all the people that were killed in that camp. But, I want to explain to you why they chose this camp as the man death camp. The S.S guards are another thing we will be talking about. The S.S guards were the ones that were in charge of the death mach. The S.S guards were the head of the camp they chose the groups that were going to get murdered. When they weren’t killing people they liked to do fun things. They would sing and play chess, they would eat food, and then they would hold the bowls upside down to mock the Jews. LEWIS, NEIL. "N the Shadow of Horror, Auschwitz SS Guardians Frolic." Holocaust…show more content…
The S.S Guards were the people that gassed the prisoners. When you first walk up to Auschwitz you get this sad feeling "Auschwitz gate to hell." pudgyindian2. Web. 22 Apr 2011. Because you look at the gate and you see (arbeit macht frei) this means, "work will seat you free." That means the only way out is through the crematorium smoke stack. When you first get off the trains that run right through the middle of the camp, you get off and there was a doctor named Josef Mangle. Josef Mangle was the Nazi doctor that inspired terror in the Jews, when you walked up to him at first he sent you to the left or the right. If you were sent to the left, then you got gassed. If you went to the right then you stayed alive, but it was hell! They forced you to build the barracks, which are 16 one-story buildings. So it wasn’t the easiest thing to do in the middle of December when it’s snowing and below freezing. What went on inside the camp was horrible they stole from the Jews and they ripped out their gold teeth but the thing that was the worst was what they did to the twin children. See they would test the twins by injecting them with drugs and putting them in high-pressure chambers. After they ran out of room, they put the Jews in a crematorium. The Nazis started burning all the Jews on open fire

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