Max Glauben's Video 'The Plague Of The Soul'

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Max Glauben Holocaust survivor Max Glauben was started off his presentation talking about that he was captured in 1939. He was born in Warsaw, Poland. He said that 6 million people of the Jewish faith and 5 million people that were not Jewish that could not be associated with Jewish people were directly affected at this time. He said the legalized killing started in 1933. When Warsaw, Poland was occupied they were told to register to improve their living. This very list was used to try to kill them and put them in concentration camps. Jewish people were also lied to about many things as he explained. He mentioned that they were told they were going to be able to shower and that is one of the many was they were killed because the shower was…show more content…
The video explained that Jews were denied rights from 1933-1939 before the war broke out. After the video was over he added that Germany took 5000 people a day on a box cart by train to different camps. He said some would escape and warn others what was really happening how they were being killed by gas. Also explained how transportation of the train rides would take 5 days for a trip that should take 2 hours but they were hoping people would die just from being on the train so long. The Jewish people were required to wear the Jewish star or Star of David on them at all times. When they would finally come get them off the train the higher ranking officers decided if you were going to be used for experiments or slave camps. He said the worst camp he ever went was ran by a man that would kill `15 to 20 people a day inhuman ways because the officer said that hanging was too easy for Jews. At this camp he was tattooed with KL which stands for concentration camp in Germany. Max also said his father was killed at this camp. He soon left this camp and then He was liberated by the USA corps on April 4 1945 and he joined the military and trained in Fort Hood, Texas. He became Americanized by joining the

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