Fog Of War

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The informative documentary, “The Fog of War”, features former US Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara. McNamara provides eleven lessons on which war should be based on. He surrounds his explanations of these eleven lessons around the Vietnam War and the Cuban Missiles Crisis. Although, all of these lessons are very controversial, there are three that are very reasonable and could be applied to the political world of the 21st century. Sadly, the United States government on the issue of the War on Iraq has not learned the three lessons that will be discussed in this analysis. Lesson number 1, “Empathize with your enemy.” McNamara says that the government failed to understand our enemy but more importantly we failed to communicate with the leaders that we wanted to destroy. Failure to do so, led in the mass killing of millions of innocent people in Vietnam. During the Vietnam War, they thought they were fighting for their independence, while we, the United States, were fighting to enslave them. This misconception was due to the failure of communication and the failure to understand the thoughts and feelings of our opponents. On the issue of the War on Iraq, the government is once again failing to empathize with our enemy. We have angered the people of Iraq so much that they are willing to sacrifice themselves and their families just so they can destroy us, the Americans. We are not making an effort to understand or communicate with them and instead are retaliating in the same way. We are actually killing our enemies even if it means harming innocent people and destroying their homes. Without communication between the two forces, the hatred will continue and the killings of not only the people of Iraq but of our soldiers will also continue. Lesson number 8, which is “Be prepared to reexamine your reasoning” refers indirectly to the Unites States current president
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